LOOPWHEELER×RUMORS special edition hoodie!

LOOPWHEELER×RUMORS special edition hoodie!


LOOPWHEELER×RUMORS special edition hoodie!

The special edition hoodie of LOOPWHEELER and RUMORS is finally completed with the support excellent craftsmanship. As you may know, LOOPWHEELER’s products are so popular that they even become collector’s items for fashion fans. Let us take this opportunity to introduce you this exclusive creation.

Text by FUJITA Mayu(OPENERS)Photographs by TAKADA MidzuhoTranslated by Winsome Li (OPENERS)


Design Concept: “Hoodies for all grown ups”

The brand name “LOOPWHEELER” is inspired by the loop wheel machines. They are traditional knitting machines that produce soft and thermal fleece material equipping with the finest features of cotton. With a knitting speed of 24 rotations per minute, the loop wheel machines are considered to be extremely inefficient in the rapid growth of industrialized apparel manufacture industry. As a result, the loop wheel tradition has gradually declined with only two factories left in Japan today. In 1999, LOOPWHEELER was established to continue the production of this unique fabric and the loop wheel tradition and have grown up as an internationally renowned sweatshirt brand.




Here we present the collaboration of LOOPWHEELER and online store RUMORS. Based on the standard LOOPWHEELER high-neck hoodie (LW190), this is a new model in a smart silhouette fulfilling the design concept of “Hoodie for all grown ups”. The black name tag in charcoal grey words on the cuff is an exclusive feature.

Trimming 40mm from the standard measurement, it creates a slim silhouette that goes well with all kinds of bottoms. Stitches on both sides of the zipper emphasize the vertical line for an exceptional trim look and enhances the smoothness of the zipper.

The puruse of refined details

Although Kangaroo pocket is the standard choice for hoodie, we decide to use the Box pocket made in the same material for a smarter look. A slanted pocket on the back big enough to hold a plastic bottle is a playful but practical feature. LOOPWHEELER is all about the pursue of refined details.




The minimal design is accented by the double white lines printed on the left arm. Many times of color adjustments was required to obtain this dyed vintage white.

The exclusive fabric for the special hoodie!

A brand new fabric is produced exclusively for the special edition hoodie. It has a texture in between LW Light and LW Extra Light that is firm enough to form a well constructed silhouette. Don’t miss out this speical fabric of LOOPWHEELER.


*The original article in Japanese was published on the 27th March, 2012.
*The Rumors special edition hoodie will NOT be available at the LOOPWHEELER International Online Store.

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