LONG TERM TEST|“Spec-V” is a “circuit car”, or NOT!?

LONG TERM TEST|“Spec-V” is a “circuit car”, or NOT!?

NISSAN GT-R Spec V The 2nd installment

“Spec-V” is a “circuit car”, or NOT!?

It’s been 3 months since the "Nissan GT-R Spec-V" has arrived at our office on the 13th February. During the period, the distance of the odometer has easily exceeded farther than 2000km, which means an “enough” distance for the “running-in period.”
The 2nd installment shall feature the running-in period and the difference between the "Nissan GT-R Spec-V" and the “Nissan R35 GT-R,” as I was riding the car in its first stage.

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The very 1st car
The Nissan GT-R Spec V
The 2nd installment

date of introduction Feb. 13. 2009
purchase price 15,75 million yen
running distance  2057km
fuel consumption of this time 5.12km/ℓ
fuel consumption in total    5.02km/ℓ

The “running-in” period.

If you get a new car, the first thing you shall do is probably a “running-in.”

By the way, it has to be mentioned first that the engine of the “GT-R”, “VR38DETT”, is assembled piece by piece by a technicians who has “hands of Gods,” in the clean room. And that means, its engine is produced with great care as if the racing engine is, thus the engine of the “GT-R” is extremely sensitive than the most engines mass-produced by the robots.

So, originally, a “running-in” is not always necessary for a car with such sensitively produced engine. However, this engine of 3.8 ℓ is extremely powerful of 485ps. Especially when it comes to the “Spec-V”, it equips a gimmick called the “High-geared boost”. This equipment ingenerates bigger torque in the mid range torque area of 3500rpm~5000rpm, by temporarily boosting up supercharging pressure. Thus, it requires extra attention for the running-in.

There are several opinions about “running-in.” It may be no exaggeration to say that if there are 10 drivers, there are 10ways of “running-in.”

So, what kind of action did we actually take? We decided to ask Mr.Kazuaki Mizuno, the chief developer of the Nissan who is most seasoned with the “GT-R Spec V”, for advice. As following his advice, we set the engine rotation at 3000rpm, till the odometer marks 2000km.

Under the range torque area under the 3000rpm, the “GT-R Spec V” remains its driving very calm acceleration, calm enough to let us forget that it has the great engine of 485ps.

Saying that, its extra ordinal engine which amplifies tremendous torque of 60kgm at 3200rpm, avoids uncomfortable feeling on dynamic ability under the traffic condition of our country, where the maxim speed permitted is 100km/h.
Having experienced the “running-in” of new cars several times, I have to say that this is the most stress-free one.

Not to mention, I avoided the sudden actions during the “running-in”. Another thing I kept in mind was to repeat gearshift action actively, in tolerable rotation, so that the gear system would work smoothly.
The most impressive thing about the gear is, the noise from the actuator generated from the rear trans axel was totally gone. This can be said not only to the “Spec-V”, but also to the basis car of ‘09 model that I had given a test drive.

Even more remarkable point is, that the body rigidity was heightened dramatically.
With its specialty of this model, “Spec-V”, its suspension is tightened up rather hard. To be specific, the fact that the spring rate of the damper and the spring increased and the improved body rigidity, made it possible to develop the full potential of the suspension,
Spec V.

Of course, this impression was formed when driving the medium-speed corner of the capital freeway at a “daily” rate of speed. I would like to further examine this point in near future, driving Hakone, or circuit.

Unexpectedly comfortable ride quality

Since we are on the subject of the suspension, why not talk about the ride quality that many of you should be caring.

In 2007, when the new model of the “GT-R” debuted, Mr. Kazutoshi Mizuno (mentioned above) talked about the “yet-to-be-announced” “Spec-V” as following; “This is the special model that would be stored near the circuit to drive on weekends.” So, honestly speaking, I had no expectation for a comfortable ride quality, or I could say, I was even giving up expecting for it. However, as I ride on the day it was delivered, defensively, the comfortableness was not so bad as long as riding the town with a proper speed.

Certainly, the “full-bucket-shaped” Recaro seats, seats are a bit hard with obviously thinner cushion. However, since the high sensitive suspension lets lithe legs movement, and that is thought to be one of the reasons.

Also, the weight saving of upspring weight should greatly contributes to this comfortableness. This weight saving of 7kg per a wheel is a result of the exclusively made wheel made by the Rays and the carbon ceramic brake.

Incidentally, the electric control dumper that were situated in the basis car, is excluded for the “Spec-V.” You could imagine the ride comfortableness as you would select the “R” mode, the hardest one, of the basis car.

In terms of comfortableness, it is pretty much appreciated that the rasping sound heard on the first model is completely swept away. Together with the improvement of the body rigidity, the sensitivity of the internal equipment should be upgraded as well.

Lastly, I would like to mention some points realized in the daily ride. First, about the air pressure of the tires. The “GT-R” constantly monitors the air pressure of the tires, which can be checked in the multi monitor inside the car during the drive. It is noticed that the air pressure of the left front was set rather lower than other threes, but the right front was set lower of the “Spec-V.”

Also, the water temperature and the transmission of the engine in the first model rise gradually, which requires some time till it gets to the defined value. On the other hand, the temperature rises much more quickly to the defined value of 80 degrees.

It does not make much difference if it is the basic model or the “Spec-V” in terms of the fact that the “GT-R” creates great advance every year, with each year’s models, without altering the engineer nor the team members of the test drivers engaged in the development.
This fact suffices for conveying the incredible passion Nissan has for the “GT-R.”

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