LONG TERM TEST|Spec-V has arrived! English version

LONG TERM TEST|Spec-V has arrived! English version

Spec-V has arrived!

The new series from OPENERS: the “LONG TERM TEST” has started to convey the real “lifestyle with cars.” As its memorable very 1st car, the Japanese supercar Nissan GT-R Spec-V that currently attracts the attention of all over the world, was chosen. This is the first installment of the series.

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The “first” car

date of introduction Feb. 13. 2009
purchase price 1575 million yen
running distance 785km
fuel consumption of this time 5.56km/ℓ
fuel consumption in total 5.56km/ℓ

The Japanese car with the richest originality

Multi-performance supercar that offers the “supreme supercar life for anyone, anywhere and anytime.” That was the concept of the Nissan GT-R which was unveiled in October 2007at the Tokyo motor show. Since then, the overwhelming driving performance that even exceeds the rivals in Europe soon became the focus of the attention. In Japanese market, Nissan received 2200 orders so far in the first 2 months, since they started to accept the orders. This figure is over 10 times the monthly sales goal.

Since the debut of “GT-R”, Mr.Kazonori Mizuno, the development director, had no hesitation in stating the existence of the “Spec-V”, which has even higher performance specialized in driving.
This also helped the “Spec V” having higher expectations while the extraordinary ride of the normal grade “GT-R” stirring up the fuss. And on 8th January of 2009, this long-awaited model, “Spec-V” finally debuted.

By the way, as we, 『OPENERS』, with the goal of “suggesting the lifestyle of high quality and narrativity,” would like to carry the joy cars brings to us on our magazine, new series called the “Long term test” has started; We actually buy the car, drive it in the daily life, and report sweet and sour.

As we start, “Nissan GT-R Spec V” was chosen as our very first car. That is because, the car possess the richest originality ~ the highest purity of the Japanese car, from the styling to the run, while it reaches the pinnacle of the technique of the current Japanese car industry. From such perspectives, we are to report specifically “the life with GTR- Spec V.” The report shall of course include the concerning topics such as “Would the car worthwhile its vehicle value of over 15 million yen?” and “How much shall the maintenance cost?”

The dealer full of “exclusivenesses”

Extraordinariness of “Spec V” can not only be seen in the performance of its hardware, but also in the process of the purchase. While about 160 Nissan High Performance Center across the country handle the “GT-R”, “GT-R Spec V” is sold only at 7 of them, where there are technicians who are thoroughly acquainted with the autodrome driving. In the Kanto regeion, only 2 locations handle the “Spec V”; Mitosenba branch of Ibaraki Nissan and Kameido branch of Nissan Prince Tokyo, which means the citizens of Tokyo and the surrounding prefectures all have to go to Kameido branch for the purchase.

Once I visited the store, I realized how special vehicle the “GT-R” is. I was first welcomed and shown up to the “GT-R” corner which is situated in the corner of the spacious display space. The corner where black sofas/table and red create the special atmosphere, is the place the place for the customers of the “GT-R” only, both the “Spec-V” and the normal model.

Not only the car itself but the commodities related to the “GT-R”, such as attaché case, leather goods and key ring are displayed in the space. Meanwhile, there is a private room specially situated only for the “Spec-V” customers, where the whole process, from the purchase negotiations to the delivery explanation, is supposed to be done.
This not only shows their “hospitality” but their concerns to the privacy of the costumers who would afford the vehicle of over 15million yen.

What makes the “Spec-V” extra ordinary is not only the small figure of the stores handling the model, but also the numbers of the staff serving the customers. The 6 members consisting of a technician, 3 Car Advisers, a service staff and a clerk, shall be there to welcome the customers.

And these 6 members are there just for “the” car whose global monthly output is only 30, and sold several figures per month in this Kameido branch.

The members are actually the “specialists” who received the special lecture of 1-2 weeks on the “Spec-V”, in the business college in Nissan auto Business College, located in the Yokohama-city.

Mr. Hiroaki Yamada, a technician in charge of the Spec-V at the Kameido branch, is the one who has entered the “Super Taikyu” as the technician of the Nissan Prince Tokyo Sales Works team and actually won the overall championship twice in 1996 and 98.

Unique explanation on delivery of the Spec-V

As soon as I heard the news of accept of the orders of the “Spec-V”, I made a tentative reservation, and it was the 8th January. Actually, it turned out that it was rather early timing, as I received the shipping notice from the dealer in the early February. The delivery was postponed for several days due to our schedule. On the 13th February, our “Spec-V”, which is the second one sold at the Kameido branch, was delivered to us.

On the day of the delivery, the customers are to receive the explanation on numbers of categories of insurances at the “GT-R” section of the shop. The delivery explanation is basically the same as the one of the normal “GT-R”, except for the additional explanation on the special parts of the “Spec-V”, such as Carbon Ceramic Brake, titanium muffler.

Precautions which are not at all necessary for the drivers of ordinary cars are suavely explained to the owner. For example, on washing the car, you must wipe Carbon Ceramic Rotor with the special silicone, as the rotor is very weak in water. Or, you have to be very careful oil will not be

After that, explanation on vehicles will be given in front of the car. For the occasion, a small ceremony was to welcome us; A bouquet and the memorial gift were given from the clerk lady and the Car Adviser in charge.

If I may confess honestly, I didn’t really perceive this event sophisticated. However, I did feel that this ceremony was something that truly conveys the hospitality spirit of the staff.

After those events finished, we would finally go for our first ride, as the manager and other 8 staff were giving us a send-off. The first impression of the “Spec-V” and the running-in shall be reported in the next articles.

Details of the initial cost of the Nissan “GT-R Spec V”

Vehicle value 15.75 million yen
Manufacturer’s option
Thatcham approved Immobilizer system 262,500yen
BOSE audio system 315,000yen
ETC setup 2,625yen
5-years coating 57,750yen
AV cable 8,190yen
Water repellent finish window (12months) 6,300yen
Carpet exclusive for “GT-R”
(standard) 86,100yen
Auto tax 5,500yen
Vehicle excise tax 699,700yen
Motor Vehicle weight tax 75,600yen
Vehicle general liability insurance 31,600yen
Voluntary insurance 537,100yen
Recycling charge of the vehicle 122,710yen
Sum 17.85million and 675 yen


body|overall length 4650×1895×1370mm
engine|twin-turbo V6 engine DOHC
maximum output|357kW[485ps]/6400rpm
maximum torque|588Nm[60kgm]/3200-5000rpm
drive scheme|computerized control 4WD
transmission|Dual clutch 6-speed transmission
Price|15.75 million yen

Nissan customer support contact center

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