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Being as a DJ, I'm introducing some "Sounds" (or something or persons that I feel the "Sound" from) in here, such as fashion, art, good drink and food, I hope we can put some more music in our lives so as to make it a little bit more satisfying.

Quasimode / The Land of Freedom (Geneon)

2006年にスウェーデンのレーベル Raw Fusionからリリースした"Down In The Village"、"Ipe Amarelo"の2枚の12インチが立て続けに世界中のクラブでスマッシュヒットを記録し、時を同じくして発売されたデビュー・アルバム『oneself-LIKENESS』が話題を呼び、Sleep Walker、Soil & "Pimp"Sessionsに続く日本のクラブ・シーン発のジャズバンドとして一躍注目を集めたQasimode(クオシモード)。

楽曲に応じてゲスト・アーティストが参加するという柔軟な姿勢も持ち合わせる新世代のホープがこの秋、満を持してセカンド・アルバムを引っさげてメジャーデビューすることになりました。ジャズ・ヴォーカリストであり、女優、画家としても活躍する才女Carmen Lundy、Sleep Walkerのサクソフォニストである中村雅人等をゲストに迎え更に

私の大好きな曲"Time Is love"のカバーも収録されたアルバム『The Land of Freedom』リリースが待ち遠しいです。

Since they released a smash hit two single "Down In The Village" and "IpeAmarelo" from Raw Fusion their album "oneself-LIKENES" has also been the buzz of the scene as a Japanese club Jazz band follwing such as Sleep Walker or Soil & "Pimp" "Sessions.Qasimode is a quartet of drum and bass and keys and percussion.

Making music based on 60-70s Jazz and combined with dance music.
Tracks are also featuring guests that it shows they're versatile, their second album will be a major debut album coming out this autumn. A multi talented artist who also is an actress and painter and Jazz vocalist Carmen Lundy joins this time, also Sleep Walker sax player Masato Nakamura joins the album is full with energy showing so much potential of this band.

It's going to be intersting to see their new album "The Land of Freedom" coming out as well,which my favorite track "Time Is Love" is included.


Japan : http://www.geneon-ent.co.jp/top_fl.html
Sweden : http://www.rawfusionrec.com/system/search/artist.asp?manuid=15
UK : http://www.freestylerecords.co.uk/index.php?page=albums&pid=fsrcd030

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