SUKEZANE Tomoki 祐真朋樹

1965年京都市生まれ。(株)マガジンハウスのPOPEYE編集部でファッションエディターとしてのキャリアをスタート。現在は『UOMO』『GQ JAPAN』『Casa BRUTUS』『MEN’S NON-NO』『ENGINE』等のファッションページのディレクションのほか、著名アーティストや文化人の広告のスタイリング等を手掛けている。パリとミラノのコレクション観覧歴はかれこれ25年以上。


Born in 1965 in Kyoto, Japan. He started his career as a fashion editor at POPEYE magazine of Magazine House. Currently, he is working on various magazines such as UOMO(SHUEISHA), GQ(Conde Nast Japan),Casa BRUTUS (Magazine House), MEN’S NON NO (SHUEISHA), ENGINE(SHINCHOSHA)and he is setting styling people such as artists and sport players in advertising. He has been attending to Milan collection and Paris collection for over two decades.